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Sue Wright

Sue Wright is a retired Chartered Psychologist living in the UK. She has combined her love of books, history and research, to produce Historical Novels that will keep you turning the pages well into the night. You can find her first two novels on Amazon worldwide.


Peacemaker's Dream

The TRUE first lady of America

Released January 2020

S.Wright is extremely excited to share her latest work, Peacemaker's Dream the story of Pocahontas. 

Peacemaker's Dream dares to reveal shocking aspects of the story, previously only documented by Native Americans, denied by the invading Colonists, and gives pause for thought about what really happened during the founding of America.  Pocahontas was a heroine - her story should not be hidden any longer.

Disney this is not!

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 How was Bermuda connected to the founding of Jamestown, Virginia?  How did a shipwreck connect to the Indian Princess Pocahontas?  Who was the Norfolk gentleman that developed Virginia tobacco and married Pocahontas?  

An intruiging story that will have you racing to find out what happens!

Go to Amazon worldwide

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